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[1] Nuclear skepticism videos. Read about and watch videos if you haven't yet seen them
[1A] Youtube commentators
[2] Physics of the atom and nucleus; fission, fusion, relativity and technologies of flight, fuels, explosives. And of course NASA
[3] Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We debunk the official lies.
[4] We consider how atom bombs would have been conceptualized when the hoax was taking shape...
[5] .... and reasons for making up 'H-Bombs' and what properties were to be ascribed to them
[6] Politics, peace, war, threats, power, money and 'nuclear weapons'. FDR, Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt, Groves, Oppenheimer, Einstein, Sachs, Spaatz, USA, USSR, Europe, Japan, ...
[7] As the frauds leak out, the beneficiaries get nervous. Exit Strategies to phase scams out, including Ward Wilson, of the 'Montery Institute'
[8] Nuclear power another likely fraud. Dumpload and toxic storage hypotheses
[9] Trying to get responses. Frank Barnaby, Bashir Syed, Peter Eyre etc..
[10] Related revisionist re-examinations. Personal accounts; wars and possible future wars; history overviews; Whites, Jews, Muslims; the UN; Breivik; phony psychology theories etc.

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"Nuclear bombs do not exist." I don't like the phrase "conspiracy theories" or 'CT'; I'm only including it because 'nuclear weapons conspiracy theory' or 'nuke CT' are phrases people might use to find 'nukelies' via Google or other search engine!

Here's a site tour of selected links

We believe - and this may well be a new idea to you - that nuclear weapons were a hoax when they were first announced, and probably still are today.

Many people will not face the possibility that they have deliberately been deceived for years; or they will dismiss it as a 'conspiracy theory'. But, for the rest of you, here is a guide to the forum, with links. Right-click the links to open the target files in a new tab. (Bear in mind the site is continually evolving).

NOTE: the following DOES NOT OPERATE in this static version. RULES - If you wish to comment, you must register first - I hope newcomers will post in this newbie part of the site. The main aim of this site is to debate nuclear weapons. If you disagree with our claims, feel free to post and explain why; however we discourage obsolete postings on topics which are well-established, such as the 'Holocaust', NASA, AIDS, and 9/11. Fair standards of literacy, knowledge, cogency, honesty, and reasoning power are expected. We would like serious experts to post, but recognise that in practice most such people have reasons for keeping silent. Topics with a vague link to nuclear weapons (e.g. 'Big Bang' perhaps influenced by the nuclear bomb idea) or remote links (e.g. why conventional historians keep quiet about Jewish physicists and spies in the USSR) are acceptable. A nickname and email address is the minimum needed to register; you will receive an activation email - not our rules, it's just part of the package software we use. Sometimes a nickname or email may look like spam, and be rejected - there's a lot of automated junk spam out there; apologies if your registration isn't accepted. Try again.

You can use the site search (it's been improved) to find names and topics that interest you.

[1] Nuclear skepticism videos.
Watch this site's collection of videos from here, if you haven't yet seen them
[1A] We have a section listing the comments made by other youtubers to our Youtubes - some comments are very good, some less good, some amusing, some hostile, some speculative, and some show no understanding of the issues. For example - Youtube of Fake 1955 US Atomic Bomb test. Look on Youtube for current comments.

These are in the section on other visual evidence of bogus nuclear events, here Check 'atomic test' DVDs and films and photographs for yourself

Inserted 26 April 2014:- Video; Do Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons Exist? Soundtrack is an Internet radio talk. Visuals include film clips—government and other—news footage and still photos, diagrams, etc.

Do Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons Exist?

Deanna Spingola and Rae West.

[2] The physics.
Our forum on physics is here The atom, nucleus and nuclear physics, fission, relativity, and the technologies of flight, fuels, explosives. And astronomy and space travel problems, including of course NASA and the moon

Here are some issues in no special sequence:
• Inventing the A-Bomb - if it didn't work, the properties had to be made up. We consider the flash, blast, heat, mushroom cloud, and exotic physics effects 'Inventing A-Bombs' - Flash, Blast, Heat, Radiation, 'Mushroom Cloud'
• Inventing the H-Bomb - if the A bomb never worked, the H bomb must have been another fabrication. We consider what properties it would have been given What the 'H-Bomb' myth was for
. . . • (More on these important political and propaganda issues below.)
• 'FirstClassSkeptic' looked online at the paper which supposedly caused Einstein to write to the then-President of the USA, and found it didn't justify the claims made Einstein's letter to Roosevelt
• 'Tickling the dragon's tail' - implausibility of the accounts of casual testing of critical mass Rare example of someone online claiming experience in fission
• Radiation is difficult to detect, making it ideal as a scare device Radiation - there are different types, probably confused intentionally; all are hard to detect
• The colour and appearance of mushroom clouds is a problem! How can 'nuclear' explosions give dark smoke and evidence of ordinary burning? How could there be a mushroom cloud, given an airburst? Could there really be clouds?
• Models were used to simulate blasts, notably in the tinted black-and-white inserts, about a minute long, inserted into films supposedly of bomb tests. Analyses of these film clips show the film-makers' use of special effects, to try to mimic the effects the bombs were supposed to have. For example Youtube of 50 seconds fake 'nuke explosions' in black and white (with brass band style sound)
film clip - faked nuclear explosion
• The Military-Industrial Complex raises issues of fraud and money: The Sociology and Economics of Science and Weapons Frauds.
• The hoax was used from the 1930s to underpin a whole money-making set of industries (and incidentally to prop up the myth of Jewish intellectuality). We look at the Jewish angle - Manhattan Project funded by Sachs, hyped by Einstein, the fact that the Manhattan people were Jews, despite the fact that all the pioneer work was by English, German, French, American scientists. Another example is wars
and the Jewish role in them.
Council on Foreign Relations; Jewish political murders etc

[3] Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These events have been given an almost surreal significance; we have collected together threads on the topic, which completely debunk the official lies. Click here for our forum on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the US bombing

Issues include in no particular order:
• First report by John Hersey, in a special edition of the New Yorker. His piece on Hiroshima filled the entire issue - and was published in 1946, many months later than the bombing. Here it is - 1946 Hersey piece, and comments
• The antennae on the supposed bombs: The antennae on the claimed bombs would not have worked
• The Norden bombsight error radius: as supposedly used by Ferebee, had an error radius bigger than the entire town The Norden bombsight as supposedly used by Ferebee in the Enola Gay, had an error radius bigger than the entire town
• Tibbets' accounts are contradictory - see the section on the Enola Gay, the bombing plane that supposedly bombed Hiroshima. Click here for detailed analysis of newsreel and propaganda footage at the time: Enola Gay plane, crew, Tinian, testimony and evidence
• The airplane supposedly sent specifically to collect data, didn't
• We note the small number of photos of the supposedly hugely significant 'mushroom cloud' from the ground in Japan, and anomalies in the very few photos. The Japanese were technologically advanced; where are the photographs and films?
• Generally, note how few photos there are, and how unconvincing they are even the 'declassified' ones - the photographs and films, and even drawings, are unconvincing.
• Watch for eye-witness giveaways - e.g. an extract from Osada's book 'Children of the A bomb' which shows the town was firebombed e.g. an extract from Osada's book 'Children of the A bomb'
• Jungk’s post-war ‘Brighter than a Thousand Suns’ was a big seller. We look at problems in 1950s historical accounts: Robert Jungk's 1956 (German) and 1958 (English translation) book 'Brighter than a Thousand Suns'
• Fake testimony - Claud Eatherly is an example Eatherley's book (with a foreword by 'Gunther Anders' who was also associated with the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation)
• Fairly new information on the Japanese surrender, and dealing with Stalin and ending the war - this is a short Youtube Video talk by David Irving on Hiroshima's purpose and timing
• Management of radiation scare stories has been ridiculously erratic:
. . . • "Hiroshima Study finds NO GENETIC DAMAGE" Years after - no genetic problems found in Japan!
. . . • "Hiroshima - Was there radiation, or wasn't there?" - One or other must be a lie!
. . . • (The same confusion applies with Fukushima...) Japan's Prime Minister says it was "a very grave crisis"; but was it?
. . . • Getting rid of witnesses? Story of the USS Indianapolis, sunk in 1945 on the way back from supposedly shipping two atom bombs; the sailors were left for days (mentioned in the film 'Jaws'. Note: not to be confused with the Annapolis ships and seaport). Few survived, but only by chance.
• Watch for oddities in all official stories. I'm told B H Liddell Hart's History of the Second World War remarks that no Japanese knew they'd been atom bombed until long after the end of the war. In our interpretation, of course, this is a restatement of the fact that US propaganda was responsible for the hoax.
• Here we look at the process of making up properties such a bomb should presumably have, and inconsistencies - flash, blast, heat generated, radiation, 'mushroom cloud', and the general lack of nuclear phenomena Inventing A bomb properties
• Media switch to friendship with Japan after the War Herman Kahn and Japan & Post-War Switch to Friendship, possibly in exchange for no staged Japanese war crimes tribunal

[4] We consider how atom bombs would have been conceptualized ....
The thread 'Inventing the A-Bomb: Flash, Blast, Heat, Radiation, Mushroom Cloud' looks at all these issues, and the problems they caused as the fiction writers tried to make their inventions compatible with each others.
• Another fictitious construct - 'Neutron bomb' as more Jewish propaganda.
• Flashes in daylight brighter than the sun are all but impossible, hence the night-time testing of Trinity
• Huge temperatures, initially supposed to melt sand, were all but abandoned by the time of Hiroshima; here's a thread on 'Trinitite' - alleged glassy green mineral, melted sand, sometimes sold to the gullible as 'trinitite' (after 'Trinity Test')
• Radiation: there's a photo of Oppenheimer and Groves chatting at the remains of the first Trinity explosion...
• ... but, later, the 'Lucky Dragon' fishing boat incident hyped radiation - we'll see why
• The 'mushroom cloud' in retrospect looks like a mistake made up by Robert Lewis, the 'Enola Gay' co-pilot
• The napalm-like smoke clouds are incompatible with air blasts - remember this analysis by FirstClassSkeptic colour of 'mushroom clouds' - and what about the amount of dust needed to make clouds of smoke

[5] .... and reasons for making up 'H-Bombs', and what they might do:--
• See the thread 'Making Up the H-Bomb...' here Why the H-Bomb fraud was started - mostly to defend Stalin!
• Included in the thread is the point that the U.S.A. could have imposed its will on the world - notably on Stalin - IF the things were genuine. If not, the strategy must have been to exaggerate the danger, claim other people had them, and so make threat of war impossible. The links between Jews in the USSR and USA, the paper money system, and the wish of Jews for the USSR not to be invaded explain the H-Bomb myth and incidentally Jewish 'atom spies'. Rosenbergs and Sobells; McCarthyism; atom spy rings; and the Soviet Union.
• Here's the American studio where the faked films were made Lookout Mountain studios
• This mythology probably included the need to invent 'nuclear-powered submarines' able to launch 'nuclear' missiles - Discussion on whether nuclear submarines (and aircraft carriers) ever existed; and whether nuclear missiles could exist, and be launched
• Typical still image fake; note the use of an underwater test, which of course hides the device Two photos - same background, different scale foregrounds

[6] Politics and history of supposed nuclear weapons: peace, war, threats, power, money.
Lords of the Nukes videoLORDS OF THE NUKES 3 1/2 hour Youtube: Rerevisionist & FirstClassSkeptic & AbIrato
(audio March 2013; Youtube April 2014)
• Here's FDR on Pearl Harbor Evidence that Roosevelt knew in advance about Pearl Harbor
• For planning before the end of WW2, see appendices in Robert Jungk's book 'Brighter than a Thousand Suns' with discussions of post-war subjects - such as uranium supply, and of course ever-increasing high security.
• I've attempted to illustrate the sort of thing that must have happened in my one-act play with Groves, Oppenheimer, Sachs, Spaatz and others at Los Alamos in 1945
• Note that the Japanese hierarchy seem to have supported the firebombings as a land clearance scheme; perhaps indicating replacement of Samurai types by corporation men
• 'Weapons of mass destruction' are of great importance here. Probably they were known to be a fraud all along
• The Cold War may have been more or less mythical, controlled by Jewish elites in the USA and USSR
• Test Bans used to keep the hoax going Test ban treaties as part of hoax maintenance
• Mordechai Vanunu as an agent to spread the idea of Israeli 'nuclear weapons' without formally acknowledging them, in which case the USA would not legally be allowed to fund Israel - of course collaboration by Jewish-controlled news sources ensured maximum uncritical support for Vanunu.
• President Carter's vitally important menu of nuclear codes - which Carter lost...
• Suspicious deaths include Stalin because of the nuclear connection 1952-1954; what did Stalin know? Was it a cause of his death?
• Money issues and planning the post-WW2 carve-up included • Bretton Woods and the post-WW2 establishment of the IMF and World Bank - possibly John Maynard Keynes' death was related, as Keynes was an honest man.

[7] Now that the frauds are starting to get known, the beneficiaries are getting worried; will they be able to phase the scams out, without being found out? [- added after 6 months]
• Here's the entire forum General Discussion: Covert Exit Strategies - Secret Plans to Phase Out Nuke Scams
4-nuke-frauds-covert-exit-plans.html which includes 'rethinking nuclear weapons' material

And a sampling of threads:
• Ward Wilson, of the 'Montery Institute', Princeton; watch the videos and see for yourself how the whole presentation of 'nukes' changes to hide the original pretences Ward Wilson of 'Monterey Institute (Norway gave him a small fortune).
• Richard Rhodes wrote various books on 'nuclear bombs' and now appears to make money by promoting closedown propaganda, in for example his 'Twilight of H Bombs' book. Link to detail on Richard Rhodes' batch-produced books.
Wall Street Journal with people like the war criminal Kissinger, illustrating the money links with the nuke fraud Schultz, Perry, Kissinger, Nunn.
• Nuclear power: they presumably want to abandon it, explicitly; here for example is Germany Germany to abandon nuclear power
• Note things like vocabulary changes (in the same way 'global warming' became 'climate change') - here's a piece on the decline of the word 'thermonuclear' Herman Kahn 'Thermonuclear War' etc

[8] Nuclear power - another possible fraud
• Opinion seems divided, but a good case is made for nuclear power as a phony; Click here for the forum on nuclear power - doubts, disasters, huge costs
• Even if nuclear power is genuine the cost is insane - but this is a good reason for certain people to promote it

• See 'BASIC INTRODUCTION: THE DUMPLOAD HYPOTHESIS' here Explains how the need to equalise supply and demand for electricity at all times leads to surpluses, which are dumped
• Another possibility is 'BASIC INTRODUCTION: TOXIC DUMP, UNDERGROUND STORAGE, MILITARY FACILITY HYPOTHESES' here Underground storage dumps - radiation used as an excuse to keep from inspection
• There is nowhere on earth powered exclusively by nuclear power
• The secrecy and security and e.g. buried cables make such an idea feasible
• There are doubts about radiation, even including whether there is any Radiation as a reason for secrecy
• Sellafield in Britain generates no electricity, but does generate income! Sellafield as a lifelong income scam for 'experts'
• Separation of expertises means few people know what's really happening. 'Need-to-know' is one way of keeping secrets. How compartmented information works.
• One of the threads above includes: Are China's suggested thorium reactors phony - possibly a cover for dumping wastes e.g. beryllium and thallium compounds. 'Thorium Reactors' a cover for dumping toxic waste
. . . • Russian engineer deaths could be linked to Nuclear Power frauds4
• Chernobyl 25th anniversary Radiation at Chernobyl; or not?
. . . • Where's the radiation at Chernobyl?
• Nuclear power to be abandoned - this may be a euphemism for hiding fraud
. . . • France may stop it France, supposedly supplying nuclear power for export...
. . . • Germany turns power importer German and French electricity is connected by a grid
. . . • 'Germany set to abandon' nuclear power. (Germany? With their technology?)
• Windfarms - scepticism about those, too-
. . . • Do they work, are they efficient? Wind farm debate
. . . • Fraud in Hungary Tradition of fraud in Hungary continues with wind farms

[9] We have several threads trying to get replies from the old guard:--
• Frank Barnaby of the 'Oxford Research Group' This is a 'charity' supposedly to research nuclear weapons. THE 'ORG' has been around for years and was fronted by Frank Barnaby
• Alan Sabrosky a military educator and also 9/11 critic Doubts about Sabrosky and his Mossad views
• Bashir Syed on India and Pakistan - Bashir Syed on India, Pakistan, Israel, the USA. Spare a thought for the 'Third World'
• Rada Krishna, of Youtube, discussing the hoax of nuclear power for India. Uranium shortage means the idea is unworkable. But there's a huge French plant planned for unspoilt countryside.
• Peter Eyre speaking or RT (Russia Today) internet TV channel. In the section on Iran, Eyre claims the US has used nuclear weapons; presumably part of ongoing 'psyops' lies.

[10] Other related material; a selection:--
Getting involved, checking things yourself
. . . Introduction to nuclear revisionism
. . . • "How Did You Come Across Nuclear Revisionism?" Some personal accounts of discovering 'nuclear revisionism'
. . . • How not to do it Woman activist getting things wrong
War revisionisms
. . . First and Second World Wars
. . . Vietnam War
. . . Possible future 3 or 4 way wars between Whites, Jews, Muslims, others
Current Events
. . . • Understanding the UN The United Nations and Israelis
. . . • Norway and Utoya Island Alleged Shootings Israel's hatred for Norway, well documented from news sources
. . . • Iran and allegations of nuclear weapons on various possible sides Nukes and Iran
. . . • Obama and 'American nuclear weapons' Obama to 'slash U.S. Nuclear Arsenal' - probably an exit strategy
. . . • Timing - Japan becomes a friend Decisions after the 1945 Hiroshima hoax
. . . • Islam - 'fall' of USSR and timing of switch to 'enemy' Bin Laden and 9/11 and the faked Muslim plane attacks on unwanted buildings
. . . • Film and TV Kubrick, Spielberg, Tarkovsky, Wilder. Tom Hanks. '2001', 'Dr Strangelove' etc
. . . • Film and TV Presentations of Oppenheimer, Einstein etc - the supposed science and technology
. . . • BBC and Reuters (Reuters is a 'news agency') Example: Syria information supplied by just one person
. . . • Media Propagandists - George Bernard Shaw as a British/Irish 'useful idiot'
. . . • Media Propagandists - Harold Pinter as an anti-white racist propagandist
Historical Revisionisms
. . . • Hyper-Revisionism (including Anatoly Fomenko) Large-scale reinterpretations of chronologies
. . . • SPAIN: Christians, Jews, Moors; Spanish Kingdoms; 1930s and Spanish Civil War Christians, Moors, and Jews & Reconquista. Separate monarchies. Franco, Jews and the 1930s Civil War. Gibraltar. ETA and secret service/NATO murders. Energy and Nuclear Policy
. . . • A revisionism which has been around far longer than nuke revisionism 'Holocaust' revisionism (meaning the claimed, but fake, murders of Jews - obviously no others count!)
. . . • Khazar theory of origin of modern 'Jews' Some notes on this relatively modern idea; well, modern in the 'west'
Science Revisionisms
. . . • Fluorine - There's a fluoride link with the atomic bomb project, and with aluminum
. . . • AIDS, a fraud invented in 1984 The never-isolated HIV and the 'AIDS' fraud and male homosexuals
. . . • Cell biology and neurobiology revisionism Harold Hillman's work on mistakes based on misunderstood techniques
. . . • Is oil abiotic, i.e. not derived from once-living plant remains? Evidence that oil may be far more abundant than is usually claimed
. . . • Popular physics in the mass media sense and The 'Big Bang' theory as a creation myth
Social Psychology Revisionisms
. . . • Eugenics - Eugenics ("good genes" is not euthanasia
. . . • Phony Psychology - Brainwashing - 'Brainwashing' - invented to hide USA war crimes in Korea
. . . • Phony Psychology - Conformity - Milgram, Zimbardo and Others- Jewish frauds
. . . • What would Civil War or Revolution in the USA look like? Speculative material
. . . • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists still going more than sixty years later, complete with ads and junk articles
. . . • Jews and academics Jews tried to suppress intra-species competition ideas
. . . • Edward de Vere and Shakespeare authorship issue proves adherence to a party line is careerist - It's a form of controlled experiment
. . . • Dinosaur skepticism based on assessments of small amounts of fossil remains
. . . • James Randi 'Educational Foundation' - Pseudo-Skeptics Group
. . . • Aumann's Tactics of Mistake - Example of pseudo-historical research involving nukes
. . . • Noam Chomsky Critical examination including his material on nukes
. . . • Bertrand Russell, philosopher and opponent of nuclear weapons was duped all his life of Jews (long article)
. . . • Book and DVD reviews censored by Amazon posted here!
. . . • Comparison of modern belief systems with those from other historical times - modern belief systems and their errors compared with religions and ideologies

Good hunting and please comment!
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