Top 40 pages for     (June 2018. Links open in new tabs)

1   Home page had most views
2   nukelies forum
3   Articles on Jews  
4   Jews historical overview file
5   Reviews; mostly books, mostly revisionist   Long file of reviews, with some put into other review collections
6   Do people really win lotteries?   Some notes
7   Simple HTML guide   avoids Wordcraft. Not updated but may help
8   Revisionism and Hyper-Revisionism   Spin-off from nuke lies
9   JADAR sites   My list of Jew-aware online sites
10   Guide for the Perplexed about Jews   Study the Influence of Jews
11   Mobile Phone Home Page   Moderately user-friendly
12   How the Master Race Won WW2   incomplete; interesting
13   My audios and videos
14   How much modern physics is a fraud?   Many topics. Not too difficult
15   'James Randi Educational Foundation' Just another Jewish phoney
16   Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal   started by Bertrand Russell 1967
17   'JOFF' sites, with Jews off their radar.   Incomplete 'news' sites, 'charities', 'informational', 'conspiracy' sites
18   Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, from 1920s to flood Europe with blacks
19   Film, TV, mag, DVD and CD criticisms   collected together
20   Private Hospitals in Britain late 1990s   Jointly written by Rae West & Richard Ennals. Very detailed
21   Holocaust revisionism   Written 1997, with updates
22   Sayanim and Hasbarat   How Jews stick together with lies
23   20th century science revisionists   Few successes, many failures
24   Are World Populations Exaggerated?   Seems likely
25   Jewish printed propaganda around WW2   Books in UK
26   Jews in the BBC   Intro to Jew control of BBC
27   AIDS fraud.   Refresh yourself on the detail
28   British 'Intelligence', MI5, GCHQ etc 
29   Jews at Bletchley Park in WW2   'Master Race' spies
30   Private Eye   Supposed British satirical magazine   More Jew-influenced rubbish
31   Book reviews—collected 'Judeo-Christian', Mosaic, Islamic superstition — together because of common 'Jew' root
32   Shorts—Amun, Leys, Elvis, flat earth, Star Trek, Taj Mahal, Smoking, Yogurt, Motorbike design...
33   Harold Hillman on Biology   Surveys his life work. With interviews.
34   Jew Nation Wreckers   Online booklet from Britain
35   Cromwell, Jews, Ireland, Scotland
36   Napoleon Revisited   Miles Mathis did far more
37   Early Christianity, Greece and Rome, Bible   Jewish scribblings, invention of Christianity, Bible, Islam
38   Bertrand Russell — Dupe of Jews   Russell's life and protests
39   Salt is essential for life Scientific overview of anti=salt fraud
40   Cell biology revisionism: Harold Hillman's 47 Questions Still Unanswered
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